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Detroit Media List - 2024

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The Key to Unlocking Detroit’s Burgeoning Media Scene

Aspiring journalists and PR pros take note - this curated directory unlocks the inside track to every major metro Detroit media outlet and up-and-coming indie player across print, digital, radio and podcast spheres.

With the Motor City’s cultural renaissance and tech boom fueling an explosive growth in storytelling outlets, an updated navigator remains crucial to pitch successfully. That’s why our team tirelessly compiled the most accurate, extensive rundown of both flagship establishments and niche stars-on-the-rise.

Discover all the movers and shakers across:

🌟 Legacy institutions like Detroit News and MetroTimes

🌟 Digital outlets illuminating underrepresented communities

🌟 Podcasts digging into everything from auto innovations to restaurant reviews

🌟 College papers and alt-weeklies breeding tomorrow’s talent

We put names, faces and contact info to the decision-makers at over 50 verified publications and podcasts so you can get your message to the right people quickly.

Plus this 2024 edition includes insider intel on pay rates, freelancer policies and submission procedures so you can land bylines straight away. Consider this your all-access press pass to showcasing your stories or clients anywhere seeking dynamic coverage.

For those looking to immerse in Motor City’s journalism and PR boom, our extensive media list connects you across the ecosystem. Buy now so you can pitch.