Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me - Jan 08, 2024

Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me - Jan 08, 2024
alex testere 🌿@AlexTestere: hey food twitter! can you help spread the word that I'm looking for pitches (features and otherwise) for the new print edition of @saveurmag? i've been away from the industry for a bit, but I'm trying to rebuild this little base! our team put together this excellent set of pitching guidelines, and you can contact me at alex.testere@saveur.com 
matt mitchell @yogurttowne: PITCH CALL FOR 2024 It’s the new year, and I’m back in search of pitches for @pastemagazine’s music section. Particularly, I’m looking for reported pieces on scenes, trends, and any niche stuff that you’re passionate about. You can email me, and please start the subject line with “PITCH.” It might take me a few days to get back to you, but follow up if it’s been a week or more. Hope to hear from you soon 💫 Sliding scale between $150 and $350, depending on labor, word count, experience, etc. Trying to remain as competitive as possible, and it’ll be figured out article by article.


Louise Ridley @LouiseRidley: *Call for feature pitches* I commission long, quality features for @BusinessInsider: striking narratives from anywhere in the world. I’m back to work on 4th and there is nothing I’d like more than some fresh ideas to look at. Pitching guidelines are here: Louise Ridley, Insider: Pitching guide for freelancers (January 2)

Film Daze @filmdaze: We are now accepting pitches! Make sure to read over our new guidelines before submitting, ty  SUBMISSIONS  ["$25 for reviews; $50 for all essays and features Substack (articles, essays, think pieces, listicles, and more.) Substack Pieces will be behind a 2-3 month paywall before being free to read to everyone on our official site (Authors will have access to their pieces to share.); $60 for Interviews; Festival Coverage TBD; Edits: $15 for reviews, $25 for anything else."] (December 29, 2023)


Frank Olito, Editor at Insider is assigning two pieces:

1. Looking for first-person essay pitches centered around workplace relationships. Did you have a difficult or toxic relationship with your boss, co-worker, or work spouse? Did you fall in love at work? Did you have to work with an ex? Pay starts at $250. Deadline 1/10
David Traver Adolphus @proscriptus: I have openings for automotive journalists based in North America who want a regular freelance gig, but I can't accept individual pitches. Rates start at $300. (January 3)


kaitlyn mcnab @kaitmcnab: my 2024 pitching boundaries:

❌ i do NOT accept pitches via DM or text
👁️ i saw your email. pls only follow up once. sadly i can’t answer everything, so no reply after a week is usually a pass
💬 pls start your subject line w “PITCH”
🧍🏽‍♀️ pls remember i am 1 human doing my best 🙂
"what is Teen Vogue's Culture section looking for?" 
"how do i find your email?" 
"who is the right person to pitch this to?"
all your answers lie here my dear child ⬇️ (January 2)

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