Magazine Job Opportunities of the Week - Dec. 22, 2023

Magazine Job Opportunities of the Week - Dec. 22, 2023

NYLON is Looking For Style Editor

The Style Editor will work closely with the Culture Editor to shape coverage, and will be responsible for assigning, editing, and writing news, service, and feature articles that appeal to NYLON’s audience via search and social platforms.

The ideal candidate has strong knowledge of and interest in pop and internet culture (and how they intersect with entertainment, fashion, and beauty), the ability to push stories forward with original reporting and thoughtful angles, a knack for discovering up-and-coming talent and trends, and an eye toward story optimization and performance. This person will manage and edit writers, and will also be responsible for writing and conducting interviews for NYLON franchises and features.

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TZR is Looking for Senior Fashion Editor

The ideal candidate will have their finger on the pulse of what is happening across fashion, entertainment, current affairs, and culture through a well-established network of industry contacts and resources to obtain the most up-to-date information. To succeed in this role, the editor must have an intrinsic desire to always be the first-to-know and a voracious appetite for information, whether that be the most viral Tiktok trend, an emerging actress TZR should feature, the television show everyone is watching or talking about, or a new collaboration.

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W Magazine is Looking For Managing Editor

W Magazine is seeking a full-time, New York-based Managing Editor, who will be responsible for both strategy planning and the day-to-day operational execution of our print and digital publication.

As managing editor, you will be responsible for oversight of staff, editorial line ups and schedules, and pitch workflows for features, packages, and long-term planning.

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Women's Health is Looking For Assistant Editor, Love & Life and Associate News Editor

Women’s Health is looking for a whip-smart, enthusiastic Assistant Editor with a passion for all things relationships, sex, and lifestyle to join its integrated print-digital team. This person will spend 80 percent of their time pitching ideas, researching, reporting, and writing stories for both the website and print magazine. They will work with the Love & Life Editor and Lifestyle Director across all the Relationships, Sex & Love, and Life digital verticals and the Mind section of the print magazine. The remaining 20 percent of their time will be spent assigning and editing evergreen digital stories to freelancers.

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Women’s Health is looking for an Associate News Editor to develop daily lineup of quick-hit coverage spanning fitness, health, beauty and culture. They primarily focus on health-related celebrity and pop culture news, but if it’s timely and matters to readers, we’re covering it. You will use your experience in digital content creation to edit daily news stories and explainers, swarm breaking news in real time, and prep coverage for future events. The ideal candidate will find creative and strategic ways to increase monthly and yearly traffic and reach other engagement goals. This position reports to Senior Digital Deputy Editor.

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PEOPLE is Looking For Editorial Intern

The Editorial Intern will report on stories for, interviewing subjects and covering events—and fact-check and research stories for the weekly magazine, often under intense deadline pressure.

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Parents is Looking For Editorial Intern

The Editorial - Health/Parents Intern will work on a dynamic and fast-paced editorial team of all-star journalists, focused on evergreen parenting features in both health and lifestyle spaces, as well as ongoing updates of the library. They’ll also get experience with cross-team collaboration, as they'll interact with social, news, marketing, growth, and more.

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Allrecipes is Looking for Editorial Intern

An editorial intern for Allrecipes can expect to learn a comprehensive, integrated, and cross-platform perspective on the world's largest digital brand—and its print publication, the food industry's first large-scale digital-to-print brand extension.

Recipe editorial: Work with recipe team to produce and edit new recipes; assist print team in selecting recipes for upcoming issues.

Evergreen, news and trending editorial: Assist editorial teams with pitching, writing, editing, and updating evergreen and news and trending content.

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Better Homes & Gardens is Looking For Editorial Intern

An intern on team BHG will have direct exposure to what it takes to operate a brand. They will be exposed to several departments, having the opportunity to collaborate with Print, SEO / Growth, Licensing, Commerce, Product, and Audience Relationships, among others, and will be given the chance to collaborate externally with PR teams and outside brands.

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