Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me - Dec 12, 2023

Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me - Dec 12, 2023

LT @l_tousignant: I'm @Jezebel's new Editor-in-Chief and I'm really fucking excited. Send your pitches, tips, favorite TSwift lyrics, etc., to and stay tuned. [quote tweeted: Jezebel @Jezebel: Hey! Sorry about that random little break lol, but Jezebel is back, we’re good, and we have a new home @PasteMagazine

[Jamal Jordan] @lostblackboy: I am creating a visual storytelling column for The Washington Post and I would love to hear your pitches. I’m looking to hire photojournalists with amazing, incisive, conversation-starting story ideas. Come get some $$$. More information here: The Way We Live Pitch Doc 

Ella Doyle @ellamdoyle: Looking for writers based in Bath, Bristol and Cardiff for some @TimeOutTravel guides content! Email in bio []

Pure Wander | Eileen Cotter Wright @Pure_Wander: Writers! Looking for blogs to collab with, ESPECIALLY anyone who's been to #Oahu! Let me know and fill out the form,it's a paid project:

Lydia Tárt @hannahtindle: Looking to commission art/fashion/design/culture writers who are knowledgeable about beauty for Wallpaper* stories Email: 

Alyshia Hull @AlyshiaMHull: For Business Insider we are looking for personal essay pitches from gen-z's: I bought into the hype of “how cool / expensive a city was." Please put PITCH in the subject line and email Rates $300+ 

Ellen C Scott @EllenCScott: It's time for me to ask for pitches for @StylistMagazine's #Processing series! If you have a first-person story to share about your mental health, please email here's the link so you can see what we've covered so far Deadline: by end of December is grand!  

Manseen Logan @Manseen5: Hi #freelancers! I'm currently looking for GenZ #writers who are worried about inheriting their parents' debt and GenZ writers who graduated from a popular or Ivy league school and regretted it. Rate is $300. Please reach out to me if you'd like to pitch your story []  

Christa Terry, Arts Editor @CTerryObserver: Hey #arts #writers! It's @Observer Arts, planning for Jan. and beyond! Looking for #pitches for 1. thoughtful artist profiles 2. fair coverage 3. auction commentary 4. evergreen geo gallery roundups ('Best galleries in [place]) 5. critical exhibition reviews. What we like: [see thread for examples] Current $250  

Ed Walker @ed_walker86: We've had a great response from freelancers in the North of England and continue to be open to pitches too, or contact me or @LukeBeardsworth directly [more info about pitching The Lead:]  

Pro Football Network @PFN365: Come join our team! We're hiring two part-time writers to help expand our #Dolphins coverage through search-intent and off-the-field content. Interested? Send an email to with at least three writing samples and your resume!  

Christopher Rosa @chrisrosa92: Writer pals: New part-time opportunity available at @nbc! If interested, please email: [text in image: Part-Time Writer, Late Night, NBC Insider ***This is a temporary remote assignment contracted through a 3rd party agency*** NBC Insider,'s editorial website that covers all things in the NBC universe - from current programming to legacy shows, Peacock originals, and beyond - is seeking a part-time writer (20 hours/week) to help expand its late night and SNL coverage. The ideal candidate is a fan of Late Night With Seth Meyers, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and SNL, has experience writing in a fast-paced digital entertainment news environment, and has a working knowledge of SEO best practices. This role is fully remote. In this role, you'll: Write 3-5 news stories per day around SNL and NBC's late night programming; Optimize the posts for SEO while paying close attention to spelling, style, and accuracy in copy; Write evergreen and SEO-driven content surrounding late night and SNL. Potential to pitch stories, both news and evergreen. Below, see the ideal tentative schedule for the role. There is some flexibility if needed:
MONDAY: 8 a.m.-12 p.m. ET (4 hours)
TUESDAY: 8 a.m.-12 p.m. ET (4 hours)
WEDNESDAY: 8 a.m.-12 p.m. ET (4 hours)
THURSDAY: 8 a.m. -12 p.m. ET (4 hours)
FRIDAY: 10 a.m. -2 p.m. ET (4 hours)
Salary range: $31.25-36.08/hour] 

Ethan Warren @Ethan_Warren_: Let's make it official then. CALL FOR PITCHES: Broad Sound, the print-only journal of arts and culture, is looking for pitches for Volume Two. Pay: $100, plus an equal share of proceeds after expenses. Topic: anything "arts and culture" More info: BROAD SOUND VOL. 2 - Call for Submissions 

Nicole Schmidt @nicoleschmidt94: For the few that still hang out on Twitter, I have some fun professional news: I'm joining the wonderful team at  @BroadviewMag as an associate editor until the end of Feb. I'll be handling the magazine's opinion columns while I’m there and am on the hunt for pitches. What I’m looking for: snappy perspectives on topics related to faith, ethics and justice. Columns run between 450 and 550 words (and the rate is .75 cents / word). Your pitch should present a clear question and answer. I'm commissioning for spring and summer 2024, so ideas should be topical, but have a decent shelf life. What I’m not looking for: Opinions that aren’t supported by facts, or are over-reliant on emotion (a personal angle is okay, but it’s not a memoir column). If you'd like to share an idea, or you want to say hi, my email is:

Murray Clark @Murray__Clark: HELLO. Looking for a freelance style writer to pick up some shifts beginning of 2024: reactive news, features, all the good stuff. > murray.clark at condenast dot co dot uk. 

Daisy Jones @daisythejones: hello! i am going to be digital editing at
@britishgq for the months of ~ jan and feb, mainly across culture. you can reach me on: daisy_jones at condenast dot co dot uk in the new year 


Emily Krivograd @Emily_Krivograd: It's that time again! For
@thisisinsider, I'm looking for pitches from writers with *upcoming* ferry trips in the US or from the US to another country to start 2024 off right! ⛴️Rates start at $200. Looking for non-sponsored, non-gifted trips at this time.

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