Introducing Brian Anthony Hernandez, New Writer-Editor of People Magazine

Introducing Brian Anthony Hernandez, New Writer-Editor of People Magazine

Brian Anthony Hernandez, People Magazine's New Writer-Editor

Brian gained extensive editorial experience working for Billboard, Forbes, MTV, Genius, Fuse and Mashable as an editor, writer, social strategist, manager, online producer, internship coordinator and diversity advocate in New York City and Los Angeles. He was the Senior Celebrity News Editor at Bustle. With keen editorial judgement and an eye on analytics, he pitched, assigned, edited and created news, features, Q&As and SEO content about celebrities in the worlds of music, movies, TV and social media.

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He joined People Magazine as a writer-editor to cover news about celebrities, entertainment, music, movies, TV, weddings, parents, pets, health, sports, crime, politics, beauty, style, food, home and travel.

Follow Brian Hernandez on Twitter: @BAHjournalist, Instagram: @bahjournalist, LinkedIn: Brian Anthony Hernandez and Facebook: Brian Anthony Hernandez

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