Lashana Lynch Graces Cover of The Zoe Report's Fall Fashion Issue

Lashana Lynch Graces Cover of The Zoe Report's Fall Fashion Issue

Introducing The Cover Star of The Zoe Report's Fall Fashion Issue, Lashana Lynch

Lynch was raised in London, the child of Jamaican immigrants with “very strong Jamaican family values,” which she says means “that we’re outspoken and we have good attitude, and we have a different level of strength that I still don’t quite understand.” She fell in love with performing in primary school, where the head teacher, a Black woman, cast her as the titular role in Pinocchio. After attending drama school at Arts Educational Schools in London, Lynch worked in theater and British television but struggled to find her place. She felt she was languishing at the bottom of call sheets and was desperate to be seen as lead material.

"This industry is not set up for women who look like me, and that’s why I take the responsibility of making the right choices really seriously. Because I care about my family, I care about my culture, and I’m giving parts of myself to my work. Every time you play a role, it’s like a little part of you is given over, and I don’t want to know that that’s done in vain."

— Lashana Lynch

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Writer: Esther Zuckerman

Esther Zuckerman is an entertainment journalist whose work has been published by Thrillist, Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, Refinery29, and The A.V. Club, among others. Esther lives and writes in New York.

Photographer: Christian Cody

Christian Cody is a director and photographer raised in Atlanta, Georgia and is now based in Brooklyn, NY. As an image maker, he pulls inspiration from his environment and cultural nuances and fuses those inspirations into visual explorations of Black beauty. His intention is to push and expand the narrative of black imagery in media and fashion. Since graduating from SCAD in 2016 with a BFA in Photography, Cody has worked with entities such as See in Black, Art Partner, H&M, Nordstrom and Billboard and has been featured in Vogue, GQ, Vogue Italia, V Mag, I-D, New York Magazine and other publications.

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