Freelance Opportunities of The Week

Freelance Opportunities of The Week

ESSENCE's Associate Editor Looking For Pitches

Shelby Stewart, Essence's Associate Editor Posted:

"PITCH CALL OUT💫 I'm on the hunt for your brilliant ideas in beauty AND entertainment for this September. Send me pitches:"

Essence GU's Writer is Looking For Pitches

Kenyatta Victoria, Girls United Writer Posted:

"#PITCHCALL: September is going to be fun at @EssenceGU. We’re looking for stories on all things Beauty and Fashion in celebration of
@nyfw & the return of @beautycon 💅🏾 pitch me at"

Insider is Looking For Pitches

Grace DeGraaf, Associate Editor of Insider Posted:

"🚨Call for Pitches 🚨
I'm looking to fill up my fall pipeline with unique, argument-driven pieces on the economy, tech, work, education, and climate! The @thisisinsider Discourse team covers the biggest questions of the day in business and the economy. 1500-2000 words."

Emily Krivograd, Associate Editor of Lifestyle & Entertainment at Insider Posted:

"For @thisisinsider
, I'm looking for writers who travel several hours, especially to another country, to go to Trader Joe's, Aldi, or Costco (threading stories we've done before). If this sounds like you, leave a comment/DM me!"

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Magazine Job Opportunities of the Week

Freelance Opportunities of The Week

Freelance Opportunities of The Week

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