Introducing The Cover Star of GQ's May Cover - Future

Introducing The Cover Star of GQ's May Cover - Future

Future Graces Cover of GQ's May Issue

​​In the beginning, few believed that he would be at the forefront of hip-hop music. In the aughts he was known as Meathead, the Dungeon Family outcast more committed to hustling than music, before he flooded the Atlanta underground with a series of undeniable mixtapes. (DJ Drama once told me that every club DJ had to have a 30-minute Future set to keep the party going.)

Today, Future is the King of Atlanta—and he earned it. Consider his contemporaries. It saddens me every time Jeezy stirs up comeback talk and then falls short. T.I. is more committed to becoming a comedian these days. Ludacris is a bona fide movie star. And the youth all still check for Future. He’s the O.G. who’s still considered a peer (and a rival) to the younger artists he collaborates with musically.

“I do art, man. It doesn’t lose value. It doesn’t depreciate. My passion is always going to overcome anything. This project is about sometimes having an open heart, handling everybody with open arms, man. You are going to get the bad end of the situation. Sometimes people out there try to make you seem like the suspect. Really, you are the victim. But at the same time, I’ve always been put on a pedestal, that either I can’t complain about certain shit, I can’t speak on certain shit.”


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