Introducing The Cover Stars of April Issues

Introducing The Cover Stars of April Issues

Dame Dash & Lucien Watson Graces Cover of Sheen Magazine's March/April Issue

There are few celebrities as prolific as Damon “Dame” Dash. His contribution to the urban art form can’t be denied. Dame can spot talent from a mile away. For years, post-Roc-A-Fella and during, Dash has been known for finding the diamond and ensuring that if an opportunity can be made, he’ll provide it. Just ask Kevin Hart, Lee Daniels, and Kanye West.

Lucien Watson., a Chicago SouthShore Native, who was the first person ever to rap on a Kanye West beat. They reconnected, in the middle of quarantine, and during Ye’s Presidential campaign, Watson finds himself in Wyoming at Kanye’s house. In a room with Dame Dash.

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Writer: Laura Miller

Photographer: David Stephens

David have dedicated himself to the art of photography and diligently curated an experienced background over the last 20 years. David been hired for ad campaigns for Apple, editorial work for Food Network, BoleroMen, Catholic Extension Magazine, Jimmy John's, Santa Cruz Surfboards, Avon as well as Corporate portraits for FRCH Design Worldwide, Bank of America, FLHC, Kroger, event photography for Google, GE, P&G and shoot regularly for Biz Journal. He have a passion for people and telling their stories.

Jodie Turner-Smith Graces Cover of Ebony's April Issue

Actress Turner-Smith was born in the U.K. to Jamaican immigrants who made sure that, even in a small English city with few other Black people, she stayed connected to her culture. “I lived in a village called Coates, and we were the only Black family there,” she says. As Americans, when we imagine Black Brits, we think of London and its vibrant African and Afro-Caribbean populations. Life in Peterborough wasn’t quite like that.

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Writer: Jihan Forbes

Photographer: Lougè

Lougè Delcy, commonly know as Dapper Lou, is a well-traveled artist who experiences life through a creative lens. His bold sense of style stems from his Haitian heritage, and his Brooklyn upbringing adds a raw element that is unmistakable throughout his body of work.

Donald Glover Graces Cover of GQ’s 2nd Global Creativity Awards Issue


Donald Glover is one of the most exciting and original voices in Hollywood, a writer turned comedian turned rapper turned actor turned P-Funk All-Star turned showrunner turned farmer. He named his nascent company after Gilgamesh, the mythic Mesopotamian hero who angered the gods. “Gilga is like Erewhon for culture,” he says, referring to the high-end California supermarket. “I want to work with the best people in every medium. To work toward sustainable output. The culture we’re getting from our phones is not high quality. It can be really good sometimes. And fun. But not necessarily high quality. Gilga is the filter for all of that.”

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Writer: Mark Anthony Green

Mark Anthony Green is the Special Projects Editor at GQ.

Photographer: Fanny Latour-Lambert

Pharrell Williams Graces Cover of Tatler Hong Kong

Pharrell Williams is beyond happy. The artist and businessman is striding between recording and mixing rooms at a studio in Paris at 1.03am. One moment he’s recording a verse for his upcoming song, hitting a high note that most prepubescent boys would struggle to reach; the next, he’s in the adjacent room with rapper Kid Cudi, debating the merits of one song versus another and composing runs on a keyboard.

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Writer: Jacqueline Tsang

Jacqueline is an award-winning editor with over a decade of demonstrated experience working in the luxury and media industry. As a strong media and communication professional, she is experienced with managing writers, commissioning editors, digital content managers and designers.

Photographer: Lou Escobar

Cynthia Erivo Graces Cover of The Power Issue of SHAPE Magazine

Each time Erivo taps into her creativity, the result is an array of diverse and strong characters: Harriet Tubman, Aretha Franklin, and her breakthrough role as Celie Harris Johnson in the 2015 Broadway production of The Color Purple. Her electric performances in roles like these have garnered her several awards and Oscar nominations, inching her closer toward the exclusive 18-member EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award winners) club. (She just needs an Oscar!) For Erivo, however, portraying famously strong, powerful women isn’t the only point. “Where most people see power, I see vulnerability,” she says.

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Writer: Rozalynn S. Frazier

Rozalynn S. Frazier is an award-winning, multimedia journalist, NASM-certified personal trainer, and behavior change specialist living in New York City. A proud graduate of Spelman College and New York University, she has more than 20 years of experience creating and editing content for magazines, websites, newspapers, books, and brands.

Photographer: Danika Magdelena

Danika Magdelena is a freelance film photographer based in London, represented worldwide by Monday Artists.

Precious Lee, One of the British Vogue's Three April 2023 Cover Stars

Precious Lee, who appears on British Vogue’s April 2023 cover alongside her friends and fellow supermodels Paloma Elsesser and Jill Kortleve, has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the industry since her runway debut in 2017. “My mother called me a supermodel from the beginning,” Lee says in the cover story. “Even when we were sitting in a waiting room at a casting with dozens of other girls, I was her super. Back then, I’d get annoyed with her. ‘Supermodel’ wasn’t a word I’d use to describe myself, even once I started ticking off the boxes.”

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Writer: Alex Kessler

Alex Kessler is the Junior Fashion Editor at British Vogue, covering stories that range from designer features to fashion and celebrity style news. He has previously worked for Condé Nast on the Global Vogue Network and Global Vogue Runway teams, as well as Porter magazine at Net-A-Porter.

Photographer: Inez & Vinoodh

Dominique Thorne Graces Cover of Teen Vogue's New Hollywood 2023 Issue

As an actor who has become known for her almost exclusively Black filmography — If Beale Street Could Talk, Judas and the Black Messiah, Wakanda Forever — the irony isn’t lost on Thorne that the films that first shaped her taste as a storyteller are severely lacking in melanin. But these days, Thorne says she’s most inspired by the diverse work of her peers, the creatives pioneering the next Golden Age of Hollywood. “Getting to see other faces in Hollywood now that are making the choice to tell stories truthfully, that’s super encouraging," she says. "There's just a whole bunch of fun, new, different, exciting things coming out that are pushing us to do more.”

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Writer: Kaitlyn McNab

Kaitlyn McNab is the Entertainment News Editor at Teen Vogue. She is a multimedia storyteller based in New York who holds a self-designed B.A. and minor in Africana Studies from New York University. As a culture reporter, Kaitlyn has written for brands and publications like GQ, Allure, i-D, Youth To The People, Bustle, and EBONY.

Photographer: Jingyu Lin

Jingyu Lin (affectionately known as ‘jean’) is a photographer based in new york city. She utilizes a dreamy color palette to capture emotive moments in her portraiture, and, as a daughter of chinese immigrants, strives to tell stories that reflect her own experiences growing up asian-american.

Myha’la Herrold Graces Cover of Teen Vogue's New Hollywood 2023 Issue

On HBO’s Industry, Herrold is the enigmatic Harper Stern, a determined and ambitious antiheroine whose path in the high-stakes world of finance goes anything but according to plan. In real life, the 26-year-old is chill, relaxed. She arrives at the Teen Vogue offices wearing her most comfortable clothes: yoga pants, a cozy knit blazer over a sweater, Uggs in tow. She is a calm person, she later explains, who prioritizes her well-being amid her rising stardom.

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Writer: Skylar Mitchell

Skylar Mitchell is an alumna of Spelman College interested in the arts, international development, and Black feminist activism. Since graduating, Skylar has worked for CNN in D.C. and New York.

Photographer: Jingyu Lin

Jingyu Lin (affectionately known as ‘jean’) is a photographer based in new york city. She utilizes a dreamy color palette to capture emotive moments in her portraiture, and, as a daughter of chinese immigrants, strives to tell stories that reflect her own experiences growing up asian-american.

Cynthia Erivo Graces Cover of L'OFFICIEL USA Spring Issue

The London-born actor saw her rising star go supernova after landing the leading role in the highly acclaimed musical The Color Purple on the West End, and she then really took off when the show made a Broadway transfer in 2015 under Oprah Winfrey’s leadership. Ever since, Erivo’s life has been a sort of marathon-sprint-hybrid.

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Writer: Zach Stafford

Photographer: Axle Jozeph

Beyoncé Graces Cover of Vogue France's April Issue

On the cover, the queen, the icon, the glamorous Beyoncé for whom all the charts in the world are unanimous: she is the voice that justifies the existence of music. The powerful and charismatic diva is also the co-creator of a unique Balmain haute couture collection with Olivier Rousteing . Unbeatable in imagination and number 1 in epic dimension, the designer, overwhelmed by “ Renaissance ”, Beyoncé 's latest album , created with the star 16 couture outfits dedicated to the 16 titles that compose it, creating a unique concept, Renaissance Couture , the first album to wear!

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Writer: Eugénie Trochu

Parisian by adoption and Norman at heart, Eugénie Trochu , editorial manager of Vogue France, cultivates a rebellious pen and style, sharpened in schools of journalism and communication.

Photographer: Louie Banks

Zendaya Graces Cover of ELLE Canada's April Issue

We’re thrilled to unveil the April issue of ELLE Canada, featuring superstar Zendaya front-and-centre. We talk to the Hollywood sensation and rising style icon about everything from her Lancôme brand ambassadorship to professional makeup tips and the social issues near and dear to her heart. “I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to an education. Knowledge is power and a gift no one can take back. Once you have it, it’s yours,” says the actress.

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Photographer: Micaiah Carter

American photographer/director, Micaiah Carter, has quickly emerged as one of the most admired artists of his time. He has shot for publications such as Vogue, WSJ, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, GQ, and Wonderland, among others. His commercial clients include brands such as Pyer Moss, Nike, Apple, Thom Browne, MAC, Warby Parker, Spotify, and Samsung.

Yara Shahidi Graces Cover of Byrdie's The Revival Issue

Shahidi's 20s have been overflowing with abundance thus far. She's grown exponentially as a young woman, seen many of her wildest dreams come to fruition, and earned the highest praise from the most prominent names. Her position as a gifted and revered game changer in Hollywood is already cemented; yet, there's unshakeable certainty that there's much more to come for her as an individual and entertainment visionary. "Even though I've worked for the 23 years I've been alive, by no means have I experienced all of life," she says. "I'm at an exciting phase where I'm coming to terms with just how much more life there is to live."

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Writer: Olivia Hancock

Olivia fell in love with journalism as a young girl growing up in Connecticut, where she spent countless hours writing stories and flipping through magazines. She began gaining editorial experience during high school by writing for local lifestyle and entertainment publications. During the summer of 2019 and 2020, Olivia worked as an editorial intern for Byrdie—which confirmed her passion for beauty journalism.

Photographer: AB+DM

AB+DM is the American fashion photography duo made up of by Ahmad Barber and Donté Maurice. Since forming their creative bond, the fashion photography duo has created renowned images for leading fashion and lifestyle publications including Interview, CR Fashion Book, i-D, Essence and American and British editions of GQ. Together, their work gives an endearing approach to fashion and portraiture.

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