Conde Nast's International Editions

Conde Nast's International Editions

Conde Nast's International Editions

Allure Korea

It was launched in August 2003 as a licensed magazine for the American version of Allure. Started as the only beauty magazine in Korea, it proposes a beautiful and attractive lifestyle and fashion style together. <Allure> is a friend and advisor to Korean women who balance the inside and outside. The necessary and sufficient conditions for an attractive life come to you every day. It contains all the elements of what to wear, people to meet, love and life, such as beauty items directly experienced by editors and beauty experts, aesthetic senses of fashion editors, and information and tastes of feature editors who travel from city to city. In other words, Allure is like this. everything you need.

Architectural Digest India

Architectural Digest India is the leading authority in architecture, design, art and lifestyle news. Our highly researched content, exclusive stories, interviews with top experts and style features are curated to inspire, delight and educate.

GQ Germany

GQ is lifestyle for men with demands. With intellect, charm, journalistic skills and a clear attitude, GQ guides you through the worlds of men – from business to relationships, from fashion to mobility.

GQ Japan

"GQ" is a global men's media published in 20 countries/regions.
Transmitting the current state of fashion and culture from the perspectives of countries around the world.

GQ Thailand

GQ, a magazine and online media that serves as a guide to men's lives in 20 countries around the world. Reigns as a leader in men's style. as well as lifestyle stories and news from around the world

Tatler Russia

Tatler is the most complete, actual and handsome magazine about fashion and high-life that abounds in today's Russia. Tatler is synonymous with reports from the most private parties, interviews with the most desired stars, and naturally, the latest trends in fashion and beauty. Tatler is a magazine about bright personalities.

Vogue Australia

Since launching in October 2000, has produced an engaging online experience by combining the latest digital technology with Vogue Australia's renowned editorial authority. provides comprehensive runway coverage of all the major fashion shows, authoritative reports on seasonal trends, the latest social, celebrity and fashion news, and lively, informed takes on fashion and pop culture, as well as unprecedented access inside the magazine, including daily blogs from editorial team members, behind-the-scenes coverage and more.

Vogue Brazil

Vogue Brazil is the largest authority on fashion, beauty and lifestyle in the country. Over the last few years, it has established itself as a digital leader across web and social media, as well as a print magazine.

Vogue China

Since the first issue of VOGUE was born in the United States in 1892, the VOGUE brand has been regarded as the world's Fashion Bible. In September 2005, with the approval of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, People's Pictorial and Condé Nast Co., Ltd. co-published "Apparel and Beauty VOGUE" on periodical copyright. She presents fashion trends with high-quality visual images with great visual impact, fully conveys the value concept of combining the world's fashion perspective with China's long-standing culture, and cultivates more and more fashion advocates with noble taste in China, and is well received by readers, designers and even the entire fashion industry.

Vogue Germany

Vogue Germany is the fashion and beauty authority. Sophisticated, sexy women will find the latest styling trends from top international designers. Beautiful photography and poignant articles covering fashion, style, beauty, art, entertainment, travel, and lifestyle.


Vogue India

Vogue India is the Indian edition of the monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue. It is the 17th international edition of Vogue and the first edition in South Asia. Vogue India is published by Condé Nast India Pvt. Ltd., a 100% owned subsidiary of Condé Nast International.

Vogue Italia

Since 1964, Vogue Italia has been the most influential Italian fashion magazine in the world.

Vogue Japan

Vogue Japan is a fashion magazine, established in 1999.

Since 2008, the editor-in-chief of the magazine has been Mitsuko Watanabe. Under Watanabe's stewardship, Vogue Japan has grown into a successful multimedia brand; the print title has a readership of 300,000, while the website receives over 1.2 million monthly visits. In addition, Vogue Japan communicates with its audience through mobile apps and SMS.

Vogue Korea

Established in 1996, Vogue Korea is continuing its unrivaled leadership as the most influential fashion magazine in line with the status of global Vogue. Not only in print magazines, but also in digital platforms such as web, mobile, and social media, we are demonstrating our presence as a powerful brand by continuously captivating the new generation with content planning and approaches that fit the trend of the times.

Vogue Mexico and Latin America

Vogue México presents the relevant in the world of fashion in Mexico, Latin America and the world.

Since its launch in 1892, Vogue is the reference brand for the world of luxury, fashion and beauty. With more than 15 years of experience in Mexico and Latin America, recognizing it at global level as La Biblia de la Moda, it is who generates tendencies and, nowhere in doubt, sources of aspiration and inspiration across the whole region, influencing with its inigualable and exclusive content, across all its platforms, the culture and the life style of a whole territory.

Vogue Paris

With the edgiest designers, the greatest photographers and the latest collaborations, meet the biggest talents in the business with Vogue Paris, from established names to up-and-coming young designers.

Vogue Paris sets trends, makes names and dares to go where no other title will.

Vogue Russia

Founded in 1892, Vogue is the premier fashion magazine in the world. Today it is published in 20 countries and collaborates with the most talented writers, photographers and stylists from all over the world, always being an important part of the cultural life of their country.

Vogue Spain

Vogue Espana, also known as Spanish Vogue, is published twelve times a year. Using a wonderfully eclectic eye, Vogue Espana features mostly models for covers rather than celebrities. Vogue Espana has a healthy emphasis on fashion from the world without forgetting it's own Spanish heritage of beautiful and lively colour and movement. Although the latin version of Vogue en Espanol is often confused with Vogue Espana and even called Spanish Vogue, they should not be confused because of the difference in content. Vogue en Espanol is mostly recycled from other editions of Vogue, while Vogue Espana always uses original content and covers.

Vogue Taiwan

Regarding fashion, VOGUE has the final say! Since the first VOGUE was published in the United States in 1892, it has a history of 122 years and has always been respected by fashion professionals, so it is honored as "Fashion Bible"

Vogue Thailand

Thai edition of Vogue by Condé Nast includes fashion & beauty news, runway coverage, celebrities and lifestyle

Vogue UK

British Vogue is a British fashion magazine published based in London since autumn 1916. It is the British edition of the American magazine Vogue and is owned and distributed by Condé Montrose Nast. British Vogue's editor in 2012 claimed that, "Vogue's power is universally acknowledged.

Wired Japan

"WIRED" is a media that implements the "future". A source of information and ideas needed to make sense of this ever-changing world, shedding light on how technology is transforming every aspect of life, from culture to business, science and design. . The breakthroughs and innovations we "discover" give rise to new thinking, connections between people, and new industries.

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