Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Kindred by Parents Looking For Pitches

Kelly Glass, Editorial Director of Kindred by Parents Posted:

"We’re seeking pitches for @kindredparents, the Black family focused community by @parentsmagazine! We’re looking for reported essays and reported features only. Keep reading...👇🏾"

"Black writers, if you have stories about kids taking risks, unique takes on step-parenting that go against the grain, losing friendships after divorce or kids, thoughts on being “friends” with your kids, hit us up."

"Dads, queer parents, disabled parents, if you don’t want to just cover identity, email us!"

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Email Kelly at

Delish's Guest-Editor Looking For Freelance Writers

Dan Q. Dao, Guest-Editor at Delish Posted:

"food media fam! i'm guest-editing at @delishdotcom and i'm looking for freelance writers who specialize in thai, korean, hawaiian, and pacific islander cuisine to contribute essays, recipes, and more! rates are roughly $400/story plus $250/recipe xo"

Email Dan at

Business Insider's Senior Editor Looking For Freelance Writer

Alyse Kalish, Senior Editor at Business Insider Posted:

"Do you live in one of these cities and want to write about how much you spend to live/work there? Shoot me or @jack_sommers an email at akalish[at]insider[dot]com and jsommers[at]insider[dot]com."

"The cities:
- Buenos Aires, Argentina
- Santiago, Chile
- Sofia, Bulgaria
- Bursa, Turkey
- Monterrey, Mexico
- Cape Town, South Africa"

Email Alyse at and Jack

Stylist Magazine's Deputy Editor Looking For Writer

Katy Harrington, Deputy Editor of Stylist Magazine Posted:

"looking for great writer in the UK to turn around a work/life feature for me asap - need experience for this one
*please note if i don't reply that means it's probably gone elsewhere but open for other pitches"

Email Katy at

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Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

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