Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

POPSUGAR UK's Content Director Looking For Entertainment and Lifestyle Writers

Joely Chilcott, Content Director of POPSUGAR UK Posted:

"POPSUGAR UK is looking for entertainment and lifestyle writers for upcoming shifts. Must have experience in digital publishing and can start asap. Please email me with examples of work if interested on #freelancewriter #FreelanceWritingJobs #journorequest"

Stylist Magazine's Deputy Features Editor Looking For More Sex / Relationships / Friendships Content

Hannah Keegan, Deputy Features Editor of Stylist Magazine Posted:

"I’m looking to commission some more sex/relationships/friendships content for Stylist Extra. If you have smart, zeitgeist-capturing feature, long read or essay idea that fits under that umbrella, please do get in touch

✉️ "

TechRadar's Computing Editor Looking For Pitches

Christian Guyton, Computing Editor of TechRadar Posted:

"I'm still looking for writers with pitches for @techradar's PC Gaming Week! It's been pushed back a bit but we're now looking at a week in late October. Queer and/or BIPOC writers wanted! Signal boosts appreciated, please reply or DM me for details 💖"

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