Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me - Jan 15, 2024

Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me - Jan 15, 2024

Orion Magazine is looking for Pitches for environments of film and television: We're excited to read your pitches for essays on the environments of film and television. Send us your story ideas about the viewing experiences that sharpened your view of nature — watching climate disasters in blockbuster movies, inhabiting the landscapes of the drive-in, or researching the carbon footprint of streaming. Please note that we are looking for nonfiction pitches, not full stories. Please try to keep pitches to 500 words or so. And in general, we’re not able to consider submissions for poetry, fiction, or AI-assisted works at this time, even during an open pitch window. [Deadline: January 15 11:59PM [info copied and pasted from:]


Rachel Courtland @rcourt: New call for pitches for @techreview. This time the theme is...PLAY . See here for more Rachel Courtland on LinkedIn: #writingopportunity [text from Linkedin: MIT Technology Review is seeking pitches for an upcoming print issue. The theme is Play. As always, the theme is a loose prompt. We're looking for pitches for longer pieces: narrative features, investigations, essential profiles, and super-sharp essays. This call for pitches is mostly aimed at journalists, but if you're an expert with a strong idea, please don't hesitate to reach out. The pitch deadline is Monday January 15. If you haven't seen it, please review our pitch guide ( 


Conz Preti @conz: I'm back at work and looking for fresh new pitches on: 
- Parenting
- Health
- Sex & relationships
- Comparing schools in the US vs the world
- Being/having an old parent
Email in bio! Rates vary! []

Samuel Lovett @samueljlovett: Call for global health pitches 📣 - and a look back at what we did in 2023. Our remit is broad! Freelancers - keep this in mind. In the past year, we've covered everything from Ebola outbreaks and kidney rackets to sexual violence in Ukraine and natural disasters...If you want to get in touch to discuss any of this, email me on [read very long thread for examples and more details] 


Mandy Velez Tatti @mandyveleztatti: Hi everyone! If you're a social editor looking for weekend work please email me! And if you know of a social editor looking for a longterm paid gig, send them my way! I might have an opportunity to pass along. email: (January 10)

Tanyel Mustafa @TanyelMustafa: Refinery29 wants to hear your redundancy stories for a sensitive piece about the realities of going through it - if you're a woman/non-binary person in your 20s/30s, I'd love to hear from you. #journorequest


Anna Clarke @annacathclarke: I’m now looking after Fabometer for @fabulousmag Everything that’s going ⬆️ or going ⬇️ in the world of celeb, culture and lifestyle. Send me your press releases and news to #journorequest #journonews


Gregory Robinson @GregoryJourno: Hello! I'm looking for quick turnaround lifestyle stories. Let me know if you have any!

DM or email

#journorequest #pitchme #prrequest


Megan Howe @MHowe_journo: Hello! My inbox is open for all exclusive interview opportunities for @MailOnline. Got a story? Want to pitch an idea? Email me at I look forward to reading them! #PR #journorequest

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