Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me - Jan 22

Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me - Jan 22


Amy Wakeham @amyrwakeham: Do you have cool, unique, luxurious thoughts on weddings that would be a perfect fit for Country & Town House's discerning readers? Looking for something special for our bridal issue, 800-1200 words. Send pitches to P.s. This is paid, of course, and we're looking for positive, upbeat pieces only. And a sustainable angle is always a plus with us!


Rachel Garbus @rachel_garbus: A bit of professional news: Thrilled to be joining @AtlantaMagazine as deputy editor! We’ve had an eventful year here, but know that our editorial team remains deeply committed to telling real stories about the city we love. Writers, pitch me at!


Stephanie Pitera Statile @stephpitera: Is anyone planning on traveling through the Drake Passage this year? I'm looking for freelance travel writers to talk about their experience for @BusinessInsider Rates start at $220! 

Ali Pantony @alipantony:...would love to hear any GLAMOUR pitches you may have (doesn't have to be ents!) £200 for op-eds and £300 for more investigative pieces that involve research, case studies and experts []

The Continent @thecontinent_@AfricaDemocracy and The Continent are seeking new writers to contribute to a new series of pieces. Could this be you or someone you know? If so, get in touch! DiA and The Continent are seeking new writers | Democracy in Africa [via DMs from Nic Cheeseman, founder 
of @AfricaDemocracy: paid. Would be occasional work.] [more info in this thread:

Lucy Pasha-Robinson @LucyPasha: I'm currently commissioning for the Guardian Opinion series 'why I quit'. Pitch me your stories of quitting - it can be something tangible, an idea, a place... but crucially must involve actually quitting. Link to series below. Email in bio! Why I quit | Opinion | The Guardian Email only for pitches, please. And try and include Why I Quit in the subject line. [

Enrique Anarte (he/him) @enriqueanarte: Call for pitches for mobile/video journalists @Openly is expanding our global coverage and looking to work with local freelancers on video stories on  LGBTQ+ topics in: Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Indonesia. Please reach out! Please send your pitches/requests for more info on our rates and workflow to:

Eva Sandoval @ieatmypigeon: Hi, I'm Eva! I'm running BBC Travel's new column, The Specialist, and I'm now open for pitches. Here's what I'm looking for: The SpeciaList runs destination guides from the POV of a local expert. Your pitch should include 1) A cool city (and why cover it now) 2) Your angle, relating to the city's culture (i.e., Best Pizza in NYC, but not that bc we've already done it!) 3) The expert you'll interview. Who is the expert? (i.e., "SpeciaList"). They're an industry authority who is compelling - why should our readers care about their opinion? - but they're also someone whose POV isn't biased. Your expert is the selling point of your pitch, so please be sure to vet them carefully. Will they have excellent insider recommendations and tell an interesting story as well? Check out our recent articles to get a better feel for what we're looking for. If you have something that fits the bill, email me at (no DMs). I look forward to seeing your ideas!

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