Introducing Aiyana Ishmael, New Associate Editor of Teen Vogue

Introducing Aiyana Ishmael, New Associate Editor of Teen Vogue

Aiyana Ishmael, Teen Vogue's New Associate Editor

Aiyana Ishmael is an associate editor at Teen Vogue. In her work, Ishmael focuses primarily on the culture of fashion and how it specifically intertwines and affects marginalized communities. She is an award-winning journalist from Miami, Florida, and a graduate of the historically Black university, Florida A&M. In addition to Teen Vogue, Ishmael has bylines in the Wall Street Journal, Essence, Refinery29, Glamour, The Cut and more. As a journalist, Ishmael wants to ignite conversation and create change through storytelling.

Follow Aiyana N. Ishmael on Twitter: @aiyanaish, Instagram: @aiyanaish and LinkedIn: Aiyana N. Ishmael

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