Introducing Julyssa Lopez, Rolling Stone's New Senior Music Editor

Introducing Julyssa Lopez, Rolling Stone's New Senior Music Editor

Julyssa Lopez, New Senior Music Editor of Rolling Stone

Julyssa Lopez was a staff writer at Rolling Stone, where she covers music. Her writing has been featured in GQ, Vogue, Billboard, BBC, the Guardian, The Washington Post, Glamour, ​CNN, and more. Her work includes Billboard's 2019 cover story on Lizzo, and Vogue's 2020 cover on Rosalia. She won a Lowell Thomas Awards in 2021 for her BBC story, "New York’s Last Great Jazz Parlour."

She grew up between Nicaragua and Washington, D.C., and was previously based in Germany. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Follow Julyssa Lopez on Twitter: @julyssa_raquel and Instagram: @julyssa_raquel 

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