Travel + Leisure Co. Has A New Senior Manager, Social Media, Meet Allyson Pippin

Travel + Leisure Co. Has A New Senior Manager, Social Media, Meet Allyson Pippin

Introducing The New Senior Manager, Social Media of Travel + Leisure Co. Allyson Pippin

Ally have almost ten years of experience managing communications and social media strategy for a variety of brands and teams, influencing marketing executives in Health Care, Hospitality, Entertainment and Food & Beverage industries about the power of the social sphere, and developing robust strategies to help dollars and impressions go as far as possible.

As a millennial woman, a writer, a mother of two and a full-time social media maven, Ally haven't just chosen her career, she campaigned for it. Ally assembled decks on the worth of the industry, analyzed data, set KPIs. Hit the pavement and have shown her worth through facts and results and grit and passion.

Ally thrive when creating effective communications, visually and contextually, in a voice that speaks to a brand's core beliefs and ideal clients.

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Follow Allyson Pippin on Instagram: @allyjeanpippin, Twitter: @allyjeanpippin, and LinkedIn: Ally Hellyer Pippin

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